“Consistently considers the needs of the baby for a peaceful, safe birth.”

“Patricia is like the salt of the earth.”



Hospital Delivery:

“Dads and Dads to Be:
 If you’re considering finding a doula for your child’s birth, Patricia is where it’s at. She was awesome and her energy is overwhelmingly positive. I can’t imagine working with a better doula in LA. Seriously.

But here’s the real secret guys… Patricia took a lot of stress off of ME, the new dad, so I could focus my efforts on being there for my wife…not worrying about what to say in the delivery room to a doctor or what to do next when my wife did X. Patricia was always there to help, like a Sherpa on a trail! Patricia is a knowledgeable coach, a caring person, a vibrant personality, and she just plain rocks. If you’re serious about finding a doula, look no further than Patricia.” ~ First Time Dad, Andy, Little Company of Mary hospital, Manhattan Beach.

“Having been a midwife for nearly 5 years, a few months ago I came across the first lady who used yoga for coping with her labour. At first, the new experience baffled me as the woman gave me little conversation, somewhat in ‘her own world’ as she breathed through her contractions, using only the TENS machine, and used visualization as a coping mechanism, which I had never encountered to this degree.” ~ Rachel Robson, Midwife, Harrogate Hospital, England


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C-Section Delivery:

Response from Dr. Underberger, Anesthesioligist, Torrance Hospital when I asked how long my client would be in this blissed-out state: “For as long as you keep stroking her hair like that….watching you is making me feel relaxed….all women who come in here should be supported that way.”
~ Dr. Underberger, O.R. Anesthesiologist, Torrance Hospital


I met Patricia by attending her pregnancy yoga class and I discovered she is not only a fantastic instructor but also an invaluable childbirth educator and birth doula. She helped empower me, and my husband, to achieve a VBAC with our baby girl who was proudly and safely born at home in a birth pool! Patricia will be treasured by me, always.”~ Eileen, VBAC Home Birth, Los Angeles



“I have had the opportunity to work with Patricia on several cases over the past 4 years…She consistently brings with her a positive energy to each birth she is present for. She offers numerous suggestions to help the mother cope with her labor – always taking into consideration the physical and emotional needs that come into play during the birth process…She consistently considers the needs of the baby for a peaceful, safe birth, and promotes early breastfeeding.” ~Mary Lou O’Brien, Certified Nurse-Midwife

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