Whether or not you have a doula, these classes are extraordinarily valuable.

We recognize that life circumstances may prohibit the ability to enroll in a lengthy, traditional childbirth education course.

How does this work? You may enroll in either private or semi-private classes

To meet the needs of these families, Patricia offers a Childbirth Prep Intensive, held on Saturday or Sunday for five-hours.

The second option is to split the class into 2 separate evenings, each 2.5 hours in length. The classes are held in the comfort of your own home or via Skype. Remote accessibility to this course is ideal for those who live in another city or state.

Childbirth preparation classes are customized for either Hospital or Home Birth settings. This course is also ideal as a “refresher” for couples who have had prior birth experience and/or preparing for a vaginal birth after Cesarean (VBAC).

The topics covered will include:
• Childbirth Education
• Understanding Hospital Interventions & Protocol
• Creating a Birth Preference List, i.e. “Birth Plan”
• Relaxation, Labor Positions and Breathing
• Natural Comfort Measures
• Breastfeeding
• Newborn Care/Procedures
• Immediate Postpartum Recovery
• Other topics include, but are not limited to; Nutrition; Informed Consent; Father’s Role in birth, and the Doula-Bag-o-Tricks

As Expectant Parents learn about the birth process, this will help build trust and confidence to navigate through the waters of labor and birth.

I accept credit card payments through Pay Pal with a 3% service charge. Course materials are included. For a reasonable fee, Patricia is also available for phone or Skype consultations.

Please contact Patricia to enquire about availability and to schedule your Childbirth Prep Intensive.



“My husband and I took a 12-week Bradley Method course to get ready for the birth of our baby. But we finished the course feeling like something was missing.  I didn’t feel like we got some important info, such as how to do a hip squeeze or how to push during labor. Patricia came over to the house with detailed birthing information, videos, and handouts.  We spent two sessions with Patricia, and after the first I already thought we could have just learned everything we learned in the Bradley class from her in a much shorter and concise way! Patricia is amazing. I’m so happy we had this Intensive course on time! Now we’re ready for baby!”

~Alli F., Hermosa Beach

“We really enjoyed the sessions with Patricia! It gave us helpful birthing techniques that were very useful during labor and delivery. This course helped us to assuage our fears so we knew a little bit more of what to expect when the time came. It was empowering for both mama and daddy, something we would recommend to anyone particularly interested in a more natural birth!”

~Meghan L., Redondo Beach