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“Where I Pick Up My LA Yoga”

-published by LA Yoga Magazine, November Issue, 2017



“LA’s Most Inspiring Stories”

-published by VoyageLA Magazine, October 16, 2017
Meet the doula, Patricia Anaya from Serenity Birth.

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“Prenatal Yoga Helped Me Rediscover My Confidence”

-published by Krystal Barschig, September 23, 2014
Krystal is a fitness and nutrition coach specializing in pre- & post-natal training and plant-based nutrition. Now pregnant with her first baby she shares intimate thoughts and fears she has had during pregnancy and how prenatal yoga has boosted her confidence!



“What is a Doula?”

-published by On Maternity Belts, October 24, 2013.
Patricia shares with On Maternity Belt Readers the benefits of having a Doula as part of your Birth team.

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Dr. Stu's Podcast Interview

“Dr Stu’s Podcast #12 – They Don’t Make Doctors Like You Anymore”

-published by Dr. Stu’s Podcast, September 29, 2013.
Author and doula, Patricia Grube joins Brian Whitman and the doctor she calls “Bad Ass” on the new episode of Dr. Stu’s Podcast. Listen in to podcast #12, “They Don’t Make Doctors Like You Anymore”, as Patricia discusses her new book, “Posh Push“, talks yoga and birth philosophy and gives Dr. Stu the ultimate compliment at www.drstuspodcast.com and on iTunes.

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“Episiotomy Redemption”

-published by Midwifery Today Magazine, Autumn 2013, Issue 107, Induction.
“Wow, that’s gonna be a big baby.” I wonder if the doctors are aware that statements like these can plant toxic seeds on the psyche of a woman…As care providers we must choose our words carefully, holding back those that could cause fear or tension, and instead give big heaping servings of those words that cultivate confidence, strength and belief in birth’s natural process.

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“Interview with Pre/Post-Natal Yoga Instructor Patricia Grube of Yoga Works LA”

-published by Shanti Green, March 14, 2013.
Shanti Green, manufacturer of organic Bamboo eco-friendly yoga clothing interviewed Patricia Grube as a feature Yoga Instructor. Patricia talks about how and why she started doing and then teaching yoga.

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“Torrance Hospital Delivers Care a New Way”

-published by the Daily Breeze newspaper Sunday edition, May 5, 2011.
Torrance Hospital switched to a new model of care by staffing “Laborists” OB/GYNs 24/7.  
This new change allows the ability for women to choose a VBAC delivery.

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“Natural Birth Expert Advises Against C-Sections
As More Women Opt for Procedure”

-aired by Los Angeles News Channel CBS 2 KCAL 9 on November 8, 2011
Women have long preferred the natural way to give birth but an increasing number of expectant
mothers are requesting Caesarian sections. Many women say the procedure is more convenient
but opponents warn that it can pose risks to the mother and the baby.

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“How can I make sure my doctor supports natural birth?”

-published by Pregnancy Magazine, November 08, 2012.
Patricia Grube answers question from Pregnancy Magazine reader concerning how to find a supportive doctor.

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“To Tweet Or Not”

published by DONA International Doula Magazine, Volume 18, Issue 3, September 2010
This article was jointly written by Patricia Grube and her doula friend, Chelsea Shure. We discuss the pros and cons to announcing labor progress to your friends via electronic means. The discussion may surprise you.

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“Pregnancy Yoga: The Ultimate Exercise for Pregnancy & Birth Preparation”

published by Natural Baby Pros May 5, 2010
Please read about the benefits of practicing pregnancy yoga as a means to stay fit in pregnancy as also as a way to prepare for childbirth.

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“Eileen’s VBAC Through Homebirth Journey”

published by CAPPA Quarterly Newsletter Volume 10, Issue 3. July 2009
“Patricia inspired me to learn natural childbirth, home, water birth, and midwives. Suddenly, I became invigorated with hope for the birth I desired.”

“I continued doing yoga twice a week and believed in my body’s ability to birth naturally. I had never felt more positive or optimistic in my entire life.”

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“Waterbirth: A Gentle Way to Give Birth”

published in England, U.K. by Families Magazine, January/February 2007
Local Yoga practitioner Patricia Grube looks at the advantages of waterbirth and how yoga can increase your confidence and stamina during childbirth.

‘Floating is much nicer than standing, walking, or sitting. I was able to easily change to whatever position I needed to in no time at all.’

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“Teen Yoga Stretched Mind and Body”

published in England, U.K. August 2005
It’s not a religion, it’s not just for girls…

“It” is yoga. Teen Yoga to be exact and the form is the newest activity the Teen Center offers Menwith Hill youth.

“I always thought it was slow and too calm, and only for older people,” said Elliot Theedom, a 13-year-old in the class.

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“Yoga Bugs”

published on August 25, 2006
The itsy bitsy YogaBugs stretch their imaginations.

For most people, yoga is an exercise practiced to promote control of the body and mind. It can be aimed at training the consciousness for a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquility – that is, unless you are a three-year-old. Then the goals and expectations may change a bit…

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