mindful pregnancy_Meditation_YogaWe’ve all heard the latest in meditation trends – meditate for 15 minutes in the morning before you start your day. As a yoga teacher, I definitely concur with that philosophy. When I stay consistent with my meditation practice my day flows better, the things that can trigger me and agitate me seem to just roll off my back like Teflon. My favorite thing to listen to as I begin my day is Ester Hicks rampage of positive momentum. I also love listening to Mantras and Gregorian Chants. One can listen to ocean and nature sounds; the Hypnobirthing Affirmations; and simply be in silence. And whatever your flavor is, there’s no question about it: Meditating every day does wonders for the mind, body, and spirit.

And it usually isn’t for lack of time when I miss my morning meditation. I manage an old neck and back injury (L4, L5/S1), with a slight Scoliosis to boot, so for me it’s more a matter of having access to a comfortable cushion. It’s what partially motivated me to become a Yoga teacher. Crazy, I know, but that’s for another blog.

Proper sitting posture in pregnancy is so important for the preparation for birth. I listened to Pregnancy Chiropractor, Dr. Jeanne Ohm, has said that when a “sacrum is displaced by sitting, accidents, and major trauma to the spine, it can cause more difficult births and slower labors.” [Trust Birth Conference, Redondo Beach, March 2010]

There are so many benefits of meditating during pregnancy and childbirth. Here is a great article to help convince you of the benefits of quieting your mind and going Zen: https://www.doyouyoga.com/10-ways-meditation-helps-your-unborn-child/

I recently discovered the You Matr cushion, made by Lauren Stephanoff, a California-based yoga mama-preneur! These cushions are ergonomically-sound so that your low back is slightly elevated to alleviate back pain.

kids yoga_meditationShare these with your children to teach them good posture and body mechanics at a young age. These cushions are also great for pregnant women so they can comfortably meditate and stay zen. Lauren wrote about her meditation practice during her pregnancy:


Besides coming in really chic-print fabrics, the You Matr cushion are light and portable! Get one and send a cushion to your favorite friend for the Holidays! meditation cushio_Holidays gift



Meditation is made easy when your Tush is on THIS Cush!