Recently, I had the honor and joy of attending my fellow Yoga Works Instructor and friend’s Baby Shower. I have known Aimée for many years now. We have taught yoga workshops together; shared tea as we talked about love, life, and, well,…MEN. So when Aimée stopped me after my prenatal yoga class last Friday and asked if I could lead an “impromptu” Mother’s Blessingway Ceremony at her baby shower, I didn’t hesitate to respond, “Of course!”


I firmly believe every pregnant mama and baby should be celebrated. In old Navajo tradition, several ceremonial practices are performed in which a woman’s rite of passage into motherhood is honored. A westernized version of this is called a ‘Mother’s Blessingway.’

A Mother Blessing is a beautiful and unique way to honor a mother-to-be. It helps a mama feel empowered emotionally, spiritually and mentally, for the all-important role of becoming a new mother. She feels ‘held’ and supported by those she loves and respects. Blessingways help instill confidence and strength as she awaits the impending birth of her baby. And there is nothing like a circle of loving women to get that delicious hormone, oxytocin, (the hormone of love and bonding) flowing!

Aimée’s shower was hosted by her very talented friend, Lisa Vitta, who by the way is a yogi and luxury interior designer. Omigod. Lisa’s house was a Pinterest Lalapalooza! Honestly, I am inspired to start a ‘Baby Shower Board’ just so I can pin the heck out of it with the photos from this party.

Decorations aside, we spent the first half of the shower oo’ing and aw’ing over Aimée’s glorious bump and gliding between conversations with each other. Lisa had a generous spread of delicious vegetarian food (also Pin-worthy) from egg frittatas to gluten-free heart-shaped waffles!

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Then, as the party transitioned, the sacred Mother’s Blessing ceremony was first and it took precedent over the traditional baby shower activities of games and opening gifts.

Not a stranger to sacred rituals and ceremony but I had not lead a Blessingway ritual before. So I asked the non-other than the Ceremony Queen, my friend, Satya, for ideas and also searched through Pinterest. I found this very simple, yet powerful, Blessing Way Candle Ritual.

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How-to: I brought my stash of embroidery floss.  We each chose a color of embroidery floss that we felt either represented us or represented something we wished for the mother of honor. This ritual felt very sacred and friends had the opportunity to spend some quality one on one time with Aimée. We took turns and tied a colored strand onto a white candle for her to take home and light when labor commences as a reminder of our friendship and calming presence during labor.

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I do believe the labor and birth place should be as intimate as possible. It should be private, sacred, and loving (perhaps the topic of my future blog).  And with that sentiment in mind, I tied the first string. Judging by the look on Aimée’s face, can you guess what my blessing for her upcoming labor and birth is?


My blessing was for Aimee’s labor to be filled with Sexy Fun! And as many midwives and doulas would chant,

What gets the baby IN gets the baby OUT!”

Congratulations, Aimee’. You will make a wonderful Mother! We will miss you.  Sending Love and Light to Aimee’ and all the beautiful Yoga Mamas on their upcoming Labor of Love!


Photographs by Jessie Lee Cederblom:

Home Design by Lisa Sacco Vitta:

Yoga with Aimée:

Satya for Blessingway Ceremonies and Placenta Encapsulation: