It breaks my heart and also frustrates me to hear women time and time again share with me the fear that has been implanted in their minds by their doctors concerning the size of their babies. Knowledge is power. Let’s have a discussion today about “the Big Baby Bullshit.” I put this term in quotes because I did not coin this term but ran across some website a few years ago dedicated to this topic.

First, allow me a moment to celebrate a few September births from my yoga class:

Amy ‘s story: “Hi Patricia! I’m the short blonde girl who usually sat in the back corner. I was scheduled for a planned c-section because the doctor said I would have a huge baby.  But, I went into labor on my own on Friday, August 31st (water broke at 12:50 am), I dilated all the way to 10 cm by Saturday night at 9 pm but he wasn’t coming so they wheeled me in for c-section at 1:30 am.  On Sunday morning, September 2nd, Baby boy, Everett James, was born at 2 am and weighed 7 lbs, 14 oz.  Doctors were way off thinking I was going to have a 10 lb baby!”

Another Yoga Mama who declined her doctor’s recommendation for induction/Cesarean for suspected big baby:

Liza’s story: “Hi Patricia! This is Liza from Yoga class. I’m the girl with glasses that sits all over the place and brings non-pregnant family members to learn yoga moves with us. My daughter Lillian Marie was born on Thurs, Sept 27 after twelve hours of non-medicated labor – four at home, eight at the hospital. I used multiple music playlists, lots of dancing and moving, a yoga block, and […]