I am excited to announce that the 2011 prenatal yoga teacher training is currently being held from January 29, 2011 through February 5, 20011, at Golden Bridge Yoga in Los Angeles. http://www.goldenbridgeyoga.com/uploads/TT/PTT_2008.html

If you are interesting in teaching pregnancy yoga this is a training not to be missed!  Gurmukh runs the training just once per year in the Los Angeles studio and then again in New York so mark your calendars to sign up for 2012.  Even if you are already certified to teach pregnancy yoga, I guarantee you that what you learn from The Khalsa Way teacher training will be unique, filled with spirit and enlightenment, and it will change the way you teach pregnant women.

I took this training in 2005.  At that time Gurmukh still taught part of the sessions in her home.  I think we were the last graduating class who will have that same privilege.  Imagine, a group of at least 50 students cooking in Gurmukh’s kitchen, sitting on big pillows eating on the floor, and doing meditations in the gardens.  I can still remember the “Maa” meditation we did in her living room.  We cupped one hand partially over one hear whilst chanting the mantra “Maa…Maa…Maa.”  I tell you, the vibration of our voices was so strong that the wind chimes outside her window were clinking!  It brought me to tears.

Today I combine what I have learned through my years of Hatha yoga along with the Kundalini yoga lineage of teaching pregnancy yoga.  And I have to say that it is in those Kundalini yoga sessions where I leave my classes so high on Spirit and my heart expanded three-fold.  The students also experience an “awakening” and it is not uncommon […]