As I reflect in the Year 2010 and look back at the births I have attended up to this point, I am left with very conflicted feelings about the way women are and should be treated during their pregnancy and the time at birth. And when I think about the births where women have had the MOST satisfying and rewarding experience at birth, I notice one common element. They had  a midwife delivery their babies. I am definitely an advocate for considering your options to hire a midwife, be it home-birth or in-hospital care.  I wish more and more women were exposed to this option for their care (of course, if they have a low-risk pregnancy).

So what would I like to see for my case load of clients and the country at large in the Year 2011? I would love to see more women “break-up” with their doctors and hire midwives!

I actually just created a new website just for home-birth mamas.  It is called  In the New Year I will populate this site with loads of information for home-birth mamas from appropriate childbirth classes to take that apply specifically for home-birth to learning more about the benefits of water-birth.

I will list my services as a birth doula. Many think that because they have a midwife they will not need a doula.  Wrong!  The doula and midwife serve two completely different roles and in most cases the midwife does not arrive to the birth until the labor has advanced well into Active Phase. In the meantime what do you? You call your doula to provide emotional and physical support during labor. Consider your – doula as your “epidural” at home! The truth is that when you are alone and scared the likelihood that you can get into the […]