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Implementing New Birth Law to Affect Change

I found a very interesting paper published on November 7, 2010 on The Unnecesarean Blog concerning a new law that was enacted in Peru.  The Organic Law on the Right of Women to Be Free from Violence was instituted in Venezuela on March 16, 2007.   In this article there is introduction of the legal term “Obstetric Violence” which is defined as:
“…dehumanized treatment, an abuse of medication, and to convert the natural processes into pathological ones, bringing with it loss of autonomy and the ability to decide freely about their bodies and sexuality, negatively impacting the quality of life of women.”
It sounds amazing, doesn’t it?  But upon reading further into the article more I discovered that deliveries are all handled by physicians and that the option of midwifery does not exist.  Perhaps this medical model in and of itself is what is lending itself to “obstetric violence”?  Venezuela’s solution, although an admirable gesture, is to slap a fine of  two hundred and fifty units (250 TU) to five hundred tax units (500 TU) .  And like most legal proceedings, a doctor would be innocent until proven guilty, now placing the new mom into the position of having to prove and defend her allegations.  I don’t know too many new moms that would bother to pursue action against their doctor unless the action was severe and physically damaging.  Okay, so now I am putting on my paralegal hat.   Does Venezuela have levels of fines for obstetrical violence? Would the fee be more for more severe cases?   One could see how the main point of treating women with respect during the time or parturition can easily be buried into a  legal spider web and ultimately […]

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Welcome to my blog!

A doula with a blog?  Ha! When my web-designer mentioned this to me I thought he was ridiculous!  Although I do enjoy reading various blogs, somehow I didn’t quite connect with this new task for myself.   Just what a busy yoga teacher/doula and mom needs: more computer time, right?  But then I started thinking about my prenatal yoga classes and the comments I have been getting from my students such as, “I have learned more in this yoga class about childbirth education then I have learned in books!”  or “this yoga class is more than just exercise.”  It is true.   I do spend time in my classes chatting about one childbirth topic or another.  I realized that perhaps in these ‘soap-box rants’ I had been “blogging” all along!!  So why not share in a formal blog what we discuss in class?  It now makes perfect sense to me!

My intention with starting this blog is to share useful and relative information concerning some aspect of pregnancy, childbirth, babies, and yoga.  I hope you will subscribe to this page and participate in a dialogue with me as I share my thoughts with you.  I look forward to hearing feedback from you too.

In the doula spirit,
Patricia Grube

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